A downloadable game for Windows

The Game "Horror" contains a variety of games, that are all very scary....


  • Cavern Mercy:

Cavern Mercy is an FPS game, that places the player in an almost isolated cave... The Cave contains many torches, that you can use to escape the Ghoul that lurks the cave. BUT BEWARE: He does not like it when you stop moving...

  • Slender:

Classic Slender man, can you collect all 8 pages without Slender man finding you?

  • Alien Unknown:

Alien Unknown is a game based off the Alien Trilogy, with the player left on a spaceship which has broken down. While the others go down to fix the problem, you are left to check that everything is under control. But you hear something is close, something is with you on that Floor, you are not alone…

By TaintedFlame Games.

Trailer Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtNMzaWKQw0&feature=youtu.be

Horror v1.0.2

Install instructions

  1. Download the free game.
  2. Open the .zip folder.
  3. Extract the folder (Your computer should automatically offer to do this for you).
  4. Open the new folder that extracting it made.
  5. Run the game! (It is NOT Dodgy, dont worry).
  6. Enjoy :D


Horror v1.0.zip (105 MB)
Horror v1.0.1.zip (105 MB)
Horror v1.0.2.zip (88 MB)


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great work I like alien unknown best :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ5eFqe_gLc

dling looking forward to play